Multiple Support System for Students / Study and Learning Support


  The school emphasizes the cultivation of students' moral character and professional knowledge. When new students enter the school, we conduct freshmen orientation to let students experience campus culture and establish the sense of identity. After that, students will have homeroom teacher to advice the campus life and class learning. If students need advanced assistance from relevant professionals, study and learning support and psychological consultant can intervene and impart adequate assistance. Various supports allow students to feel at ease and develop professional knowledge and interest, so that students can develop their strengths and contribute to society after graduation.

8.2.1 Freshmen Orientation

  In order to give all freshmen a deep understanding of the school's "Caring for Humanity, Cherishing Life." philosophy, and strengthening the first-aid knowledge, the school offered all freshmen the CPR+AED training certification course. A freshman Chen, of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management major, said that “I did not expect the orientation would be interesting. And it’s the first time I used the AED. I think it’s a very meaningful training. If I encounter an accident in the future, I have the confidence to take the initiative to help.” A total of 2,931 freshmen participated in the training, and 100% passed the assessment to obtain a certificate.

 圖8-10、新生啟航開幕  圖8-12、CPR+AED技術練習與認證

Fig. 8-6 Freshmen Orientation

Fig. 8-7 CPR+AED training and certification.

8.2.2 Psychological Consultation

  The Counseling Center meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education's "Professional Counselor Standards for Employment" and "Standards for the Establishment of School Counseling Workplaces". It promotes the counseling work with a three-level prevention concept, and establishes designated psychological consultant for individual academic department. The sufficient supply of counselors and psychiatrists can provide adequate counseling and guidance to meet students’ immediate needs.

    Each semester, the Counseling Center plans activities to help both teachers and students covering four major issues--life education, gender equality, learning and career counseling. In addition, the Counseling Center has equipped with a self-practicing stress relief room, which provides self-relaxation and relief for teachers and students. Through professional counseling and mental health activities, teachers’ and students’ mental health have been guarded properly.  

Fig. 8-8 2015-2016 Counseling and Guidance Activities

Fig. 8-8 2015-2016 Counseling and Guidance Activities


8.2.3 Learning Consultation and Remedial Teaching

  To elevate student learning efficiency, initiate consultation measures based on student learning situations to complete learning consultation and remedial mechanism. For example, (1) If either a student fails 1/2 of the credits they took, or the number of pre-warning subjects achieves 4 in the existing semester, the mentor shall talk to the student and transfer them to other units on campus for further consultation;(2) If 25 students or more fail a subject, the teacher shall provide remedial teaching course on extra pay(implemented during the 12th through 17th weeks, 2 hours at least per time.)

   Learning consultation and remedial teaching is student-centered, deeply understanding student problems and needs and implemented with diverse assistance and consultation measures. Thus, in light of diverse consultation efficiency, each school year this mechanism aims at the students who in the previous semester fail 1/2 credits they took, whose prewarning subject number achieves 4 in the existing semester. The improvement rate of each school year achieves more than 85% after consultation. In addition, the passing rates for the latest 3 semesters after consultation achieve 71.01%, 70.82%, 83.66% to show that providing remedial teaching course facilitates student learning efficiency.


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