Multiple Support System for Students / Support Services


  Hungkuang pays special attention on economically disadvantaged students’ welfare by assisting them to apply for on/off campus scholarship and financial aids. Encouraging students to join clubs or societies to develop new skills and meet new people. Ensuring students’ residential safety, off campus dormitories need continuously visit and inspection. Setting up Disabled Students’ Resource Center and providing assistance to disabled students. Special Education Committee regularly calls a meeting to integrate resources and improve disabled access-free facility--to build a safe, healthy, friendly and happy campus and fulfill the goal of offering various support services and caring to our students in general.

8.1.1 Providing Care for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  Hungkuang University 2015/2016 Academic Year Strategic Plan designated an action plan to actively assist disadvantaged students in various situations. The main purpose is to prevent students from dropout when facing financial difficulty. For example, during 2016, only one out of 86 students, who received On Campus Emergency Aid, drops out. All the financial assistance is listed in the following table (Table 8-1):

Table 8-1 2015-2016 Students Financial Assistance Statistics

Table 8-1 2015-2016 Students Financial Assistance Statistics

8.1.2 Extracurricular Activities

  When it comes to extracurricular activities, Hungkuang boasts nearly one hundred student clubs and societies, where students can seek personal growth, enhance their leadership, establish a social network and pursue diverse learning. In order for students to have time to join extracurricular activities, school also sets aside periods 7 and 8 on every Thursday as the common extracurricular activities time. Every semester, various activities, events or competitions held by student clubs and societies attract many students and enrich their life. The performance of student clubs and societies is so excellent that student associations won two Distinguished Honor Awards in the event of National colleges and universities student associations evaluation competition two years in a roll during 2016 and 2017. The students’ union won the highest hon-or-Distinguished Honor Award in the event of National colleges and universities student union achievement competition.

 圖8-1、106年度本校學生會榮獲卓越獎  圖8-2、106全國社團評鑑頒獎後大合照

Fig. 8-1 Student Union won Distinguished Honor Award (top award in the nation-wide competition) in 2017.

Fig. 8-2 Group photo in the nation-wide student community evaluation competition in 2017.

8.1.3 Dormitory Assistance

  For the purpose of providing safe and comfortable dormitories, the school coordinates police and fire department to visit and inspect the off-campus dormitories to make sure their safety and suitable to live. During 2015 and 2016, the number of inspection sites reaches 377. The dormitories which pass inspection will be certified as the School-certified Dormitory. The school will provide the list of the School-certified Dormitory in the “Great Shalu District Student Rental Network” for students to choose from. Currently we have 7,189 beds provided by the School-certified Dormitories. The school has earned recognition from Ministry of Education for the outstanding dormitory assistance work and won for many years the top prize for National college and university student accommodation service competition. 

8.1.4 Special Education Students Adaptation Program

  In order to assist special education students to adapt to campus life, for each student the Counseling Center develops an individualized support service plan in terms of coursework, life and psychology. In addition, in order to expand student interest, cultivate second expertise, enhance competitiveness, and prepare for future employment, 9 training activities were held in the 2015-2016 academic year, with 158 attendances in total. The special education students were also encouraged to go out and touch nature. During the 2015-2016 school years, they went through the river-wading activities, mountain climbing, and rock climbing experience. A total of 93 participants participated.

 圖8-3、就業求職準備講座  圖8-4、超越我的礙登山活動

Fig. 8-3 Job hunting and preparation workshop.

Fig. 8-4 Conquer my disability Mountain Climbing activity.

8.1.5 Quality Food for Teachers and Students

   In order to provide quality food and beverage for teachers and students, we set up full-time nutritionists, regularly implement various food hygiene inspections and provide training to kitchen staff. In December 1999, we passed the Ministry of Health and Welfare "Food Safety in Catering Industry-HACCP". Hungkuang is the first college in the country to receive the HACCP. In order to strengthen the management of food hygiene, safety and quality, we implement the registration of food ingredients in the campus. Through the campus food registration platform, when food safety incident occurs, we can have better grasp of the source of the problem foods, and can better protect our teachers and students. In 2016, Hungkuang was awarded the Role Model Award by the Ministry of Education for the "Campus Food Ingredients Registration Platform Login Awards Program".


 Fig. 8-5 2016 “Campus Food Ingredients Registration Platform Login Awards Program” Role Model Award

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