Educational Dimensions


背景  In order to prepare our students with a solid foundation for the future, Hungkuang has implemented several mechanisms to ensure a practical, diverse and quality curriculum.

 一、Curricular Diversity :Every semester each department reviews its curriculum with a committee of internal and external faculty, students, and industrial representatives.

 二、Career Development : Since 2013, Hungkuang has implemented a system of accountability for all internships that ensures students are gaining the experience they need to succeed well into the future.

三、Improving Student Success : Hungkuang has a comprehensive procedure to identify and assist students who struggle academically and provide them with the resources they need to meet their specific challenges.

四、Linking Academic and Industrial Sectors : Hungkuang faculty actively engage in joint academic-industrial research projects. The results of these project are integrated into classrooms, teaching materials, and courses to deepen students’ practical learning.

五、TA Training : Training student assistants is an integral part of their education. Every year, Hungkuang invests significantly in the training of student assistants. Student satisfaction surveys results have increased every year.

六、Improving Instructional Quality : Hungkuang engages all faculty whose evaluations are substandard in counseling. This serves to offer faculty opportunities for professional development and improve the instructional quality throughout the university.

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