Social Service


Social Service / Cultivate for Long-Term Volunteers


A. Marine Environmental Education Action Plan:

  The plan aims at promoting a localized environmental action, which connect schools and communities to popularize the ideas of land and coastal environmental conservation, and also establish students' concepts and actions to care for the environment in their daily lives. The specific actions include water quality testing courses and beach cleansing activities to perceive the water resources and coastal general situations near their homes. Moreover, the plan offers off-site visits, marine education lectures and marine documentary films to guide students understand the meaning of marine ecology and conservation from diverse perspectives. Here are 3 exemplifications:

a.Cultivate the concept of environmental conservation, the operation of water quality testing, and the ability to write environmental reports to the junior high school students in Changhua County.

b.In 2016, in response to the problems of land subsidence and water scarcity in Changhau, we set up “Aquaponics” courses in schools and communities to raise the awareness of cherishing water resources.

c.Cooperate with industries (Changhua County Aquaculture Development Association and Aquaculture Development Association of the R.O.C) and communities (development associations, village chiefs) and other groups to held workshops, which introduce marine environmental knowledge and concepts to the communities, so as to cultivate more environmental volunteers.

 圖7-1、教學水質監測培訓活動 圖7-2、帶領福興國中聯合淨灘   圖7-3、進入芳苑鄉的水撲滿教學

Fig. 7-1 Water quality testing courses

Fig. 7-2 beach cleansing (Fusing Junior High School)

Fig. 7-3 “Aquaponics” courses

 Table 7-1 Overview of beach cleansing from 2016 to 2017

 Table 7-1 Overview of beach cleansing from 2016 to 2017

B. “Love, Respect and Care for the Elders” Service Program:

  In addition to the cooperation activities with Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and Taichung City Government, Hungkuang also plans professional service programs that get into nursing home and rural area to promote a community-based "self-reliance" program with Longquan Elementary School and Longjing Farmers Association. We have established a happy farmland, which concentrated the wisdom and expertise of all ages and built up a mutual learning mode.

    The elders use their expertise to guide students in the realm of farming and livelihood. Therefore, strengthen the interaction between the youth and elders. It also allows students to see the abilities and values of the elders. (Please check the links: http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/2297624)

    The cooperation mode of Hungkuang University, Longjing Farmer’s Association and Longjing Senior Citizens Learning Center is shown in Figure 7-4.

 Fig. 7-4 HUNGKUANG UNIVERSITY, Longjing Agricultural Association and Taichung City senior citizens learning center Cooperation mode

Fig. 7-4 HUNGKUANG UNIVERSITY, Longjing Agricultural Association and Taichung City senior citizens learning center Cooperation mode

  In the future, we will use the concept of circular economy to connect with people in the community through lectures, workshops, seminars and forums, and also integrate communities with regional resources in order to get the improvements in the various perspective of life, ecology, and production.

7.1.1 Community Care Action

   Hungkuang actively promotes service learning in community education activities, including specific programs such as life care, community service, social practice, and ecological actions. In addition, we deeply cultivate the characteristics of cooperation, reciprocity, diversity, learning, reflection and social justice in rural communities. In the past two years, the number of serviced people has reached more than 20,000 and the service satisfaction has reached to 93.25%.

    The Community Learning Center that runs by Hungkuang University Continuing Education Center provides a more suitable learning environment for the elders by offering an "Elderly Education Learning Program". With localized learning environment and the integration of community resources, the elders can be encouraged to learn and integrate into the community. Thereby, to build up a mutual assistance civil society.


   The elders in the community can get support through the in-depth community service to reduce the pressure of family caregivers. They can also implement the concept of "aging in place". The elderly education courses offered by Hungkuang not only enrich the spiritual life of the elders, but also help them aging healthy.

    Under the trend of regional revitalization, it is one of the most important issues for the elders to return to their livelihood and the youth to participate in community building. Hungkuang educates the youth to have the concept of local identity to local land with the spirit of "elders self-reliant" and inspires their professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm into community activities, so as to improve the local social problems.

    In order to meet the rapid growth of the elderly population, Hungkuang started to establish the Department of Senior Citizen Welfare and Business in 1995. The department not only offers the ordinary social services but also strengthened the connection with the elders and keep local culture between students and the local community, so as to improve the idea of regional revitalization. 


Fig. 7-7 The elderly and young students jointly establish a happy farm

  In 2017, the support team undertakes the Ministry of Education's social responsibility program that helps the elders become self-reliant. Besides, we have invited Japanese nursing authority Professor Takeuchi and various Japanese long-term care experts to exchange the local counselling and services into industries in various professional fields, as well as the development of a new long-term care serving model, which devotes to help the elders aging happily and actively. In the aspects of self-supporting care, nutrition and health care, physical fitness, smart leisure and fashion and style, we will provide the elders a brand new life and enrich three dimensions of their body, mind and spirit.

Fig. 7-8 Illustration of active aging and lifestyles of health and sustainability concept.

Fig. 7-8 Illustration of active aging and lifestyles of health and sustainability concept.

  In order to fulfill the main concept of the university's localized social responsibility. Since 2015, Hungkuang has introduced professional teachers from the neighboring areas for counseling and introduced the self-supporting care model, which combined with Tom Kitwood's "Person-Center-Care" (PCC) care concept, and connect with Professor Takeuchi 's "Dementia Care Theory". It emphasizes that daily life should have adequate water supply, self-excretion training, sitting defecation practice, no diapers and no dependence on laxative drugs that achieve the goals of the elders' self-reliance.

7.1.2 Services Get Around Taiwan

  Since 2013, students have originated “free haircuts service around Taiwan” activity and joined the “free cook service around Taiwan” in the second year. The activities have served for the solitary elders, orphanage children and social welfare organizations that need help. Each year, nearly 100 students are involved in these services, and almost 1,000 people have been served.

“Free Haircuts Service Around Taiwan”

  The service is for the elders at the nursing home in Taiwan. Every year, students bring joy and love to the elders that not only warm the hearts of the elders and but also inspire themselves. The students from the Department of hair styling and designing give back what they have learned to the society. After attending the service, the students feel that they should be respect to their parents and grandparents. It inspires students' values of life.


Fig. 7-9 Hungkuang Youth Corps of Volunteering Haircut free haircut trip around Taiwan


“Free Cook Service Around Taiwan”

   The International Culinary Youth Learning Association responds to the school's charity “free cook service” activities, link up with the Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Department of Child Care and Education, Department of Computer Science and Information Management, Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering and Chinese music club to join a service team that plans a 10-day summer camp to serve the orphanages in Taiwan. The students prepared a variety of dishes, and at the same time, led the children to play games. During the meal time, they arranged music performance, bartending or dance to enjoy with the children.


Fig. 7-10 Hungkuang Youth Corps of Volunteering Cooking free cooking trip around Taiwan





 7.1.3 International Volunteer Service

  In order to enhance students’ love of care, the school extends volunteer service activities to abroad and promotes the International Volunteer Service Team. Since 2008, the school has sent out 21 teams including 252 teachers and students who have reached the mountains of northern Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, mainland China, Singapore, Cambodia and other countries. In 2016, 20 students joined the International Volunteer Service Team to Cambodia for helping children's education, environmental improvement and other services including washing 400 kids’ hair, removing their head lice, renovating libraries and fences for the village. Although our students had suffered mosquito bites, diarrhea and allergy, they were encouraged and accomplished the 12-day journey while looking at the spark in kids’ eyes and their changes. In 2017, the school celebrated the 10th year anniversary for the international volunteer team grouped, so arranged the volunteer team return to the northern Thailand for service. The volunteer team has reached the northern Thailand for 6 times since 2008. One of the team members, Wen-Ting Ye said “when my first time to step on the stage to teach kids, I was too nervous so I didn’t do very well for my lecture. However, after class, all kids were coming to the front and gave me hugs. Although there’s a language barrier between us, I could feel how they loved and enjoyed the class that motivated me to join the volunteer team again”. The team members were also touched since they could see the changes of the local people and the environment.

    In 2016, the school started to send out the International Volunteer Team to Cambodia. In Cambodia and northern Thailand, the school has established long-term cooperation relationship with some local communities and organizations. Therefore, the school believes the volunteer services will be carried out and expands to the worldwide in the future. 

 圖7-13、105年柬埔寨服務-洗頭蝨  圖7-14、106年泰北服務-滿疊星育幼院

Fig. 7-11 In 2016, help kids to wash head lice in Cambodia

Fig. 7-12 In 2017, teach kids learn Mandarin at “The Thai Home of Star” orphanage in northern Thailand

Fig. 7-13 Hungkuang International Volunteering sites around the world 

Fig. 7-13 Hungkuang International Volunteering sites around the world

7.1.4 Counseling Volunteer Team

  The school also grouped the Counselling Volunteer Team with 25 members to do Peer Counseling Training and Life-Care Education Camp in communities. The school students can learn how to stay in positive via joining the volunteer team and also help the people in the communities to develop their Confidence, Independence and Competence. The volunteer team also established partnership with local communities and organizations including Childhood Burn Foundation, Parents Association for Mentally Handicapped, Pleasant House (Day Care Center of G.L.S.F.), Rehoboth Welfare Foundation and Huimin Blind Child Breeding Home. From 2016 to 2017, the school has sent out total 12 volunteer teams with more than 500 volunteers and served 974 people in the community. The volunteers expressed their exchanges and interactions with the people, and they also saw the resilience of life and realize what “it’s more blessed to give than to receive” means.

Fig. 7-14 Five organizations served by the Counseling Center Student Volunteers

Fig. 7-14 Five organizations served by the Counseling Center Student Volunteers 

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