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 The school has been the exemplary university for innovating research and development (R&D) in Taiwan, in which the R&D achievements in Medical and Nursing, Human Science and Social Innovation, Cultural and Creative Industries, green technology domains are readily receiving recognition in international academia, corporation and organization. In recent years, the school has got the projects including government and industry-academia collaboration according to the government policy, which actively promotes the R&D outcomes to industry-academia collaboration project, technology transfer and authorization with industries. Obviously, the school has conformed to future economic policy for the government in the development of human science.

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    The present school spares no effort to execute on food safety inspection. In every year, there are 40-60% food poisoning events occurred in Taiwan currently but pathogenic factors still not clear. Therefore, we started to investigate about Norovirus in foods since 2016. At the present time, our school’s “Center of Food Safety Inspection and Ultra Trace analysis” is the only lab of inspection accredited by Ministry of Health and Welfare for detection of foodborne viruses in Taiwan, those authenticated items include Norovirus (GI, GII), Sapovirus, Hepatitis A virus and Astrovirus etc. Also the inspection items such as Hepatitis E virus, Rotavirus and Enterovirus etc. Those accredited laboratories authorized by Ministry of Health and Welfare for monitoring and inspecting for foodborne viruses in oysters. Furthermore, we authorized by Food and Drug Administration for monitoring and inspecting program to assist the industry and hospitality, maintain food sanitation and safety of hotel, also enhance the protection and improvement of foodborne viruses. The correlation studies provided regulation policies, to construct the background information of Norovirus and the other foodborne viruses, enhance the food monitoring, inspection and investigation, take the science evidences to contribute revision of food management law, lower the incidence rate of foodborne diseases and maintain our native health.

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